About us

Located in a 17th century monument in the small hamlet of Schinnen, Netherlands, Nautical Games is a small game development studio of two. We develop for Windows and mobile phones and are currently working on two projects. We started out like many others: two students with an idea. For almost a year, we used a small nautical themed bedroom as our workspace. Fall 2016, we decided we needed more space so moved to our first office in Heerlen. We soon shifted our attention from our own game to a different project, and moved to our current location in order to work closely together with our clients

Our mission
We create lively worlds that people can explore and interact with in their own way, at their own pace. The two key elements that make these worlds come alive are strong narrative and freedom of choice.

Our vision
We want to bring popular ethical and historical subjects under the attention through narrative, as objective as possible, so people can form their own opinions on these matters while enjoying a great story.