Hi, we are Nautical Games

Allow me to introduce ourselves: we are Nautical Games, a newly founded game development studio in Heerlen, the Netherlands. We are currently working on our first project, which is an old school rpg. Our game has no name yet, so we refer to it as project Actium for now. In March 2017, we will “officially” announce our project and tease you with information, some art and maybe even a screenshot. We are a team of two. My name is Ulas, and I am the programmer. The other co-founder is Kelvin, and he is the graphic designer.

Thank you for your interest in us, and if you are a fan of classic rpg games, keep an eye out for project Actium, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh, and have a great 2017, we know we will 😉

Ulas Cantepe, programmer & co-founder of Nautical Games

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